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MUGEN CRZ RZ Released in Japan

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Announcement of “Honda CR-Z MUGEN RZ” On September 27thMUGEN (M-TEC Co., Ltd.) (Hereinafter called MUGEN) announced the release of the “Honda CR-Z MUGEN RZ”, based on the Honda CR-Z, to be sold as a complete car. With exclusively developed suspension, brake system, and wheels, and exterior parts aerodynamically designed and wind-tunnel tested, coupled with the

Announcement of MUGEN Civic Concept

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MUGEN Civic Concept unvailed at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012 MUGEN  unveiled their new concept model, MUGEN CIVIC Concept, which is based on the Honda CIVIC range launched in Europe in January of this year, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The Goodwood festival is held from June 29th to July 1st in England, and


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FULL-BLOWN HONDA HYBRID CHARGING ON CR-Z MUGEN to be supercharged and deliver around 200PS MUGEN Euro’s high-performance CR-Z hybrid will use a supercharger to deliver over 50 per cent more power and torque from the Honda’s petrol-electric drivetrain. The tuned version of the hybrid coupe is expected to produce around 200PS, and 181lb.ft of torque,

Ultimate Civic Mugen

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One of the most exclusive and explosive hot hatches of recent years has been given an extra dose of MUGEN power. The Honda Civic Type R MUGEN debuted in 2010 to near-universal acclaim, and a 20-strong limited edition production run of the hand-built, motorsport-derived machines went on sale to UK enthusiasts. Now technicians at Northampton-based


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The CR-Z MUGEN RR has been created with many bespoke prototype parts, several of which are created in carbon fibre, including the bonnet, passenger doors and rear tailgate. Other features unique to the car include a full length carbon-fibre underbody, a twin central-exit exhaust, vented front bumpers and race-developed suspension. Orange 4-piston monobloc brake calipers

Mugen at Goodwood Festival of Speed

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Mugen at the Goodwood Festival of Speed At the recent 2011Festival of Speed held at Goodwood, MUGEN presented not one, but two Concept cars for their World public debuts – both cars based on the increasingly popular Honda CR-Z hybrid. Developed and built in the United Kingdom in conjunction with Honda (UK) as a performance

Honda (UK) and MUGEN Euro work together on CR-Z

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Honda (UK) and MUGEN Euro have revealed the first official photographs of the CR-Z MUGEN – the higher-performance hybrid coupe. Development of the supercharged Honda CR-Z is on track, with performance figures already looking promising. Early tests with a prototype car based on a standard CR-Z and a mid-tune engine have given 0-60mph times around

The hottest hybrid yet

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THE HOTTEST HYBRID YET MUGEN EURO to build high-performance Honda CR-Z MUGEN Euro is developing a highly-tuned version of Honda’s CR-Z, which will deliver “Type R-like” performance from the hybrid’s petrol-electric powertrain – and may offer even better fuel economy. This faster, more powerful car will make its world debut at the Goodwood Festival of

Ariel Atom Mugen

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Celebrating 10 years of ARIEL ATOM production, a new special edition of this amazing and successful ‘No Screen, No Roof, No Doors’ pure sportscar is to be revealed at the Autosport International at the NEC in January – the ARIEL ATOM MUGEN. The result of collaboration between these two great names in high performance engineering

Type R MUGEN Concept – Competition winner

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The one-of-a-kind Civic Type R MUGEN Concept was presented to Jim Morgan at Silverstone race circuit where he was the guest of Honda (UK), who ran the free-to-enter competition, which attracted over 24,000 entires. The MUGEN Concept car was jointly developed and built by MUGEN in Japan and MUGEN Euro in Northampton in 2009, since


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Around half of the 20 cars have already been snapped up in advance of the official announcement by keen fans of the ‘Red H’ and MUGEN’s engineering expertise. Each of the road-legal super hatches are being hand-built by MUGEN Euro, based in Northampton – with customers receiving a unique, involved experience during the build process

Civic Type-R MUGEN

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Now you can know what unlimited really means. Following the overwhelming positive response to the recently unveiled Honda Civic Type-R MUGEN concept from the media and car enthusiasts alike, MUGEN Euro are proud to announce the opportunity to own one of the most exclusive Honda Civics ever to be produced. For the first time ever,

Honda Civic Type ‘R’ MUGEN Concept

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MUGEN EURO Co.,LTD has announced the development of a highly-tuned HONDA Civic Type R “MUGEN” concept prototype road going car powered by same power train unit as HONDA CIVIC MUGEN RR launched 2007 in Japan. The car is being developed in Japan by MUGEN EURO – the Northampton-based subsidiary of Honda’s long standing tuning partner