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Mugen Products

Considering the long-standing and close motorsport relationship between HONDA and MUGEN that has encompassed most categories from one-make series’ to F1, it’s not surprising that much of that cutting-edge competition knowledge and experience has led to a wide range of premium products available to HONDA enthusiasts worldwide.

Following the establishment of MUGEN EURO in England, these superbly-conceived and engineered parts are now much more easily available, and at a lower price, through specially selected and authorised MUGEN Retailers in the UK. HONDA models covered include Civic (FK2,FN2), Integra DC5, S2000 and others on request. Recently introduced are performance and styling kits for the HONDA CR-Z Hybrid.

Instead of scouring the Internet and having to make advance payments for items that may take weeks (or months!) to arrive, with all the attendant uncertainty as to whether the parts may be genuine or cheap copies, dealing with MUGEN-authorised Retailers gives assurance of the quality and provenance of the products being purchased, which in most cases will be ex-stock at recommended prices.

Development of the range of items being made offered is continuous; the Retailer network also continues to grow.

This page contains a selection of MUGEN PRODUCTS: please remember – these and all other products are only available from the authorised Retailers, not direct from MUGEN EURO. For details of these, please click on the LINKS button on the navigation bar at the head of the page – in case of any difficulty, please inform us (click on Contact button please).

As our overall knowledge grows regarding what it is that HONDA and MUGEN enthusiasts in Europe most want, our range and inventory will grow and broaden, so please don’t hold back from letting us know your views via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter. After all, it is because of you that we are here.


K20A engine with Mugen carbon fibre ignition coil cover, Mugen gold colour oil filler cap and Mugen air box fitted.

Mugen alloy wheels. Designed and manufactured by Mugen.

Mugen brake discs with ACTIVE GATE air distribution design.

Mugen LSD and metal clutch kit for Honda vehicles.

Mugen engine internals: Mugen valve spring set and Mugen metal head gasket.

Mugen filter elements for Honda vehicles. Hi-performance oil filter and air filter.

Mugen Twin-Loop exhaust system and Mugen exhaust manifold with CAT.