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Team MUGEN TT Announcement

Announcement of TEAM MUGEN 2020 Isle of Man TT TT Zero Race

We thank you very much for your understanding of and cooperation for TEAM MUGEN motorsports activities.
M-TEC Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as MUGEN) has been participating in the Isle of Man TT TT Zero Race from 2012 till the current year for 8 years with our originally developed electric motorcycle “Shinden.” However, the government of the Isle of Man announced that they would suspend the TT Zero Race in the next 2 years, 2020 and 2021 on Oct. 21st, 2019.
We then regrettably made a decision to also suspend the “Shinden” project and announce it here.
First of all the “Shinden” project started due to participation in the event Classic TT Lap of Honour in which the Japanese legendary rider Kuniomi Nagamatsu rode the MUGEN original motorcycle “MRV1000” on June 11th, 2010.
From the moment when we saw the Isle of Man TT race for the first time, we felt great challenge spirit of all the forerunners of motorcycle manufacturers, including Honda, toward the race and were so impressed and wondered why we had not challenged the Isle of Man TT race yet… We then started to think of this race seriously.
We as of now have undertaken development and manufacturing of the race engine of various race categories including Formula One, race cars, and motocross bikes. We also have taken part in such races and are proud of marking so many worthwhile winning records.
But in the categories of motorcycle road race we only experienced Suzuka 8 Hours in 1984 of MUGEN original motorcycle White Bull and 1985 of the legendary rider, Joey Dunlop.
When we made a decision to take part in the Isle of Man TT TT Zero Race, we set challenging targets for new generations to, not only of course win the race, but gain knowledge of the technologies of electric power-train systems, along with cultivation of young engineers.
We already had some experience of development of carbon monocoque frame, however, not of the full carbon-fiber monocoque frame holding and protecting a motor, an inverter, and a heavy weight battery system whose management technologies we originally developed, nor aerodynamic systems for such devices. Regarding development of the electric road racer motorcycles we had no choice but to stumble around in the dark and its development was much harder than we imagined.
Though in the beginning we had no knowledge of the Isle of Man TT Race, we started to take part in the race from 2012 and won the race with “Shinden San” in the 3rd year, 2014. Since then we have continued our winning streak and in 2018 we could achieve our target, recording an average speed over 120 miles per hour (Approximately 192km/h), with “Shinden Nana.” In this current year we won the race for the 6th straight year, and also could set a new TT Zero Race record with an average speed of 121.91 miles per hour (Approximately 196.05km/h).
Every time we competed in this race, TEAM MUGEN faced various kinds of difficulties and often the team members were so pressurised and stressed out, not only riders but so many supporters helped them out and we could go through this race for the last 8 years safe and sound.
We could not accomplish such great results without continuous passion for the victory and affirmative “Shinden” development support of the brave and talented riders introduced below, technical support of the cooperative companies, so many people concerned in racing business, and kind support of so many fans at home and abroad.
Introduction of riders and TT Zero Race result summary
John McGuinness
2nd place in 2012 and 2013, Champion in 2014 and 2015, 4th place in 2016, 2nd place in 2019
John McGuinness has accomplished successive wins and been working with us from the beginning of this project. He devoted himself into development of “Shinden” and in fact evolved it and instructed the team members how to compete in the Isle of Man TT Race.
Bruce Anstey
2nd place in 2014 and 2015, Champion in 2016 and 2017
Contrary to his calm personality, with his passionate ride Bruce Anstey won the race 2 years in a row.
We would like to pray for his recovery through his steel mind and a strong body and that he come back to the Isle of Man TT Race.
Guy Martin
2nd place in 2017
Guy Martin is known as not only a rider in the Isle of Man TT Race but as a TV and Movie star. “Shinden” and electric motorcycle itself were introduced to so many different kinds of people thanks to him.
Lee Johnston
3rd place in 2018
Lee Johnston was a capable man of avoiding a sudden machine trouble during the race and stood on the podium. We look forward to his future success.
Michael Rutter
Champion in 2018 and 2019
Michael Rutter accomplished second straight victory with cool and clever ride, and set the TT Zero course record, Ave.121.9 mile/h (Approximately 196.05km/h).

Introduction of the cooperative and supporting companies (Random order)
It is impossible to develop the No.1 racing motorcycle in the world without cooperation and support of the parts manufactures having high technologies.
Especially course condition of the Isle of Man TT Race is one of the toughest and most severe. With such a course condition we could make wins and time records every year with help of the companies below. We at the same time could prove that the electric motorcycle could compete even with 600ccs.
Maxell challenged one of the most difficult missions in which the performance of the special electric power-train system is maximized dramatically to pull out all the performance of “Shinden.”
MOTUL developed cooling oil for cooling the motor of “Shinden,” and prepared one of the most efficient low-viscosity cooling oil for the motor whose output power increases dramatically on a yearly basis. Thanks to such support the motor of “Shinden” could keep stably high speed performance.
SHOWA provided the team with the suspension developed through various top category races all over the world. Its engineer accompanied the team every year to keep the suspension best condition for the tough course and hear requests from the riders anytime at paddock, as a result contributed to making new time record.
DUNLOP has also provided the team with the tires from the beginning of this project and considering race result in previous year they developed new tires for the next year.
Braking system developed by NISSIN, brake discs by YUTAKA GIKEN, and drive chain by RK Japan also supported the quite heavier motorcycle compared to other regular race ones from the development test ride carried out domestically for the harsh course to the race held in the Isle of Man. They also contributed to evolvement of “Shinden” so affirmatively.
Shown below is a list of cooperative parts manufacturers supporting TEAM MUGEN with contribution to evolvement of “Shinden.”
YASDA PRECISION TOOLS K.K. (Ultraprecision machining tool)
De WALT (Electric power tool)
GAT (Racing wire harness)
FACOM (Electrical insulation tool)
CASIO (Mounted camera)
999.9 (Eye wears)
P.E.O. (Axle shaft)
Bathams (Brewery manufacturer)
Mori Manufacturing (J・TRIP racing stand)
MOONCRAFT has been working with us from the beginning of the project to design the cowl of “Shinden” and manufacture its aerodynamic parts considering the Isle of Man TT Race course.
Takao Matsumoto
Mr. Matsumoto has been working with MUGEN so many years and designed MUGEN brand and MUGEN Eye logos. He also helps us to design brochures, car and motorcycle bodies with distinct design to contribute to brand build-up and maintenance.
Studio THARK
Studio THARK takes care of cutting sheets not only for “Shinden” but for all the MUGEN race cars and motorcycles.
Precious persons contributing to the team
Hikari Miyagi】 (Former GP rider)
As a development rider Mr. Miyagi has been working with the team from the beginning of the project. With his proper advices “Shinden” was evolved year by year.
Yuki Takahashi 】 (GP rider)
As a top rider Mr. Takahashi spent time on domestic riding test to contribute to development and reinforcement of “Shinden” with accurate comments and precise settings.
Yuki Kobayashi】 (Motorcycle reporter)
Ms. Koyabashi helped the team with her plentiful knowledge of the Isle of Man and the TT Race.
Takuro Nagami】 (Professional cameraman)
Mr. Nagami not only took brilliant and exciting photos but gave the team various advice of the Isle of Man TT Race event.
David & Joyce Plant
Every time machine troubles occurred in the Isle of Man, they always helped the team out.
Havier Beltran】 (Honda UK)
Havier-san strongly supported TEAM MUGEN including riders from the beginning of the project.
Government of the Isle of Man, operators, and officials
They prepared perfect paddock condition and gave the team various kinds of supports to let the audience be familiar with the electric motorcycles and high-voltage battery system in order to carry out the TT Zero Race safe and sound.
Student challengers
Teams from University of Nottingham, Brunel University, and University of Bath also have devoted themselves into this one of the most severe races with their innovative ideas and never-give-up spirits. We were so impressed at such their attitudes toward the race and they reminded us of our point of origin. We are proud to have competed with them though time we shared with was quite short. We would like to give them a yell for their bright future!
John McGuinness Bruce Anstey and Guy Martin tried to visit schools with “Shinden” as many times as possible to communicate and enjoyed instructing kids about the characteristics of the electric motorcycles and difference from gasoline ones. When the kids are grown-up and all the motorcycles might not make exhaust sound anymore, hopefully they remember the electric motorcycle with the MUGEN eye logo “Shinden” and time they shared with the riders.
We are also proud of John McGuinness and Bruce Anstey’s participation in Goodwood Festival of Speed. We believe the audience enjoyed the near future mobility system.
Memory of TEAM MotoCzysz
When we started to join this race, rightly called the pioneer of the electric motorcycles, Team MotoCzysz had already taken part in and made it consecutive wins in the TT Zero Race. Concept, function, and design of their motorcycle were very creative and great. We were impressed so much and tried to beat them in 2012 and 2013 but in vain. But suddenly Mr. Michael Czysz, a leader of TEAM MotoCzysz, our rival, a genius and respectful man died young and his team was broken up. His death was so sad, so disappointing, and we cannot forget about him. At the same time it is a pity to lose this talented guy for the future development and evolution of the electric power-train technologies.
Our future…
We already introduced an electric motocrosser, “E. REX”, developed based on the electric technologies accumulated through “Shinden.” at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Cycle Show. MUGEN continues to work as a racing company and manufacture engines for various kinds of races and support such races. We would also like to aggressively develop the electric power train.

Last of all
It has been 10 years since we made a decision to challenge the Isle of Man TT Race in 2010. We would to challenge the Isle of Man TT Race in 2010. We would like to exprelike to express our gratitude from our heart for so many people who supported and cooperated closely ss our gratitude from our heart for so many people who supported and cooperated closely with us for the last 8 years after our participation in the race.with us for the last 8 years after our participation in the race.
Please keep on walking together with us!
We thank you very much indeed!!

Finally we would also like to express our big gratitude and applause for UK Honda members, TEAM MUGEN members, and MUGEN Euro members, including their family and supporters.

M-TEC Co., Ltd.
Tomoyuki Hashimoto