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TEAM MUGEN to enter 2014 TT Zero

MUGEN jpeg PR use only-CROPPED

TEAM MUGEN Double Assault on TT Zero 2014

M-Tec Co., Ltd president, Mr Shin Nagaosa, today formally announced the participation of TEAM MUGEN in the TT Zero class at the Isle of Man TT event to be held during May/June 2014.

For 2014 the team will compete with two MUGEN Shinden bikes for the first time, with 20-time TT winner John McGuinness, who will be competing for the 3rd time with TEAM MUGEN in TT Zero, joined by long-time friend and TT rival, Bruce Anstey. McGuinness, who narrowly missed out on his first TT Zero victory in 2013 with a lap of over 109mph, will expect to be pushed hard by his new team-mate Anstey, who himself has a tally of 9 Isle of Man TT victories to his credit, and a fierce, but friendly, duel can be expected.

The formidable pair will be supported with an all-new bike, currently named SHINDEN SAN, which the team promises will have more power, and yet more record speeds are anticipated over the course of the event.

A spokesman for the team said “we are extremely excited to have secured the services of two such experienced proven winners around the TT mountain course, and the team will be pulling out all the stops to provide them with the machinery to go for the first TT Zero victory for TEAM MUGEN”.

No further details are available for SHINDEN SAN at this time, and the bike will be revealed later in the Spring.


TT Zero Challenge started in 2009 as a new class requiring the entrants to ride motorcycles with zero emission engines emitting no CO2. The race is run in a time-trial format over a course of approximately 60km of mixed terrain around the isle.