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After yet another dominant success in the SP3 class in the final event this year of the prestigious German VLN endurance racing series run at the daunting Nurburgring long circuit with its numerous corners, ‘roller-coaster’ changes of elevation and treacherous changing conditions, FUGEL Sport driver and team boss Markus Fugel expressed his feelings about his and co-driver Uwe Wachtler’s 2011 season:

The Nordschleife was a very nice place for Honda Fugel this year: In ten races in the VLN Endurance Championship at the Nurburgring, the team Fugel/Wachtler could reach eight victories.

The results of this season: First place in the class SP3 and the positions 17 and 18 for Fugel/Wachtler in the drivers’ championship – in a field of over 1,100 registered riders.

Markus Fugel expressed his satisfaction: “It was a great season for us and the races were a lot of fun. In addition, everything was fine – apart from our little misfortune in the first race.”

But Markus Fugel and Uwe Wachtler never lost their targets: “This incident has inspired us even more. We knew we could keep up with the competition because our car was well prepared and the setup was just perfect. Our material was reliable in each and every race, too.”

The success proved them right. They won in the class SP3 and reached eight more victories. Fugel says: “It was great – it can continue like this. I am really looking forward to next season and I hope that we still can improve. “

Fugel Sport competed in their JAS Motorsport-built HONDA Civic running on Kumho tyres and powered by MUGEN’s NR24 version of the 2.0 litre K20A engine. This is specially developed for the challenges of the Nurburgring endurance events, combining good top-end power for the long straights of this famed 23km (14 mile) road circuit with strong torque for maximum diveability and acceleration out of it 73 corners – plus the durability required which was 100% for the whole season.